This is event that we hold in churches, groups and retreats as guests of the individual organizations and groups wishing to provide this encouragment/ healing/educational event.


      God's intention for us is to walk in freedom and relationship. He has a plan to prosper us in our spirit, our soul and our body by His Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us that He did not intend for us to live our lives looking over our shoulder at our past, that is the work of the enemy.

      What we do at Enduring Hope Events is to look at our past objectively, through a spiritual lens. We must use the filter of mercy afforded us by the blood of Jesus and pass what we consider failure, loss, abuse, addiction, isolation, abandonment, well the list goes on, as the now property of a Sovereign God to reconcile and redeem.


      We tenderly, without shame, lay at the cross all of our past hurts and accusations to the One who is Just. We may then move forward with the Holy Spirit to discover this unfettered journey, all things are made new.


      The price Jesus paid for us at the cross affords us the authority to look back at our past and to say "no more" to the accusations and restraints the enemy has imposed on our lives. The demonic has no right to move forward with us from here.


      This transformative process is meant to usher in a revelation to each person their identity in Christ, to make room for hope to have its way in our thinking and for healing to manifest in our whole being. We then are not left alone to continue our journey. God has divinely provided a personal escort of the Holy Spirit to His sovereignty  and His justification,  His justice and His mercy.


      When we have not had the opportunity to look at our life circumstance through the eyes of redemption we limit our ability to discover our courage and our strength as indwelt children of God. The Holy Spirit is in a constant conversation with us. He tells us of Love and strength. He lifts our thoughts and intentions to His, as we are intentional in each day's movement.


      We must be educated, we must know what it means to walk in Spiritual Authority. The responsibility is ours to walk out this gift. There is so much more ahead for us. Our story is still being written.


      Simply-  We invite you to join us for this lovely event. 


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