Lively Hope is not what I do! It is WHO I am, bringing hope to others wherever I am, doing whatever I do. It is bringing the same hope that I found here to others around me. It is helping others find the freedom I have through this ministry that I have found. It is more then the monthly (or more) Break Thru sessions, it is a daily thing. It is a living thing. It goes with me as I walk, It is what inspires me to be better, and do better. ~  Myrna  Vancouver, WA


      For me, Breakthru has been and continues to be an integral part of my recovery from mental ill- 

      ness and addiction. To learnand better under- stand His Word has been a huge part of my healing.

       I would not be where I am in my journey without theBreakthru seminars. I am forever grateful. 

      ~ Jen K., Vancouver, WA


      Breakthru taught me how to put into action, and understand, God's word about healing, how to spiritually 

      protect  myself, and  others.  I  have learned that I have the authority to tell the en- emy to go and he has to go!

      It has changed my life, Ispend more of my time praising God, and enjoying the fruits of the Spirit, instead of fight- 

      ing the enemy!

       ~ Janet S.,Clackamas, OR


      I went to my first Breakthru Seminar about 4 years ago. I was broken, bitter and angry. The prayers healed 

      my heart in that I hadn’t  spoken  to  my  mother  in  over  a  year. The next day I went over and apologized to her and we now have a wonderfulrelationship. Every Breakthru I have been to has been a new experience and a new healing.

       ~ Tina L., Gresham, OR


      I had been a Christian for a long time, but couldn't seem to overcome in some areas, when I prayed the prayers, it was like aheavy blanket was lifted off of me and scales fell off my  eyes, I felt free !

      ~ Karen C., Troutdale, OR


      After growing up abused, in many ways, later on becoming a rebel teen, and joining a cult. I had Momma praying for me and I and my first daughter fled and lived. Later on, I married an alcoholic with a temper, had 2 more children. During one of our separation's, I surrendered my heart, and life to Jesus. As the years went on he became more abusive, and we began counseling at Canby Foursquare, upon which he was saved. The abuse never stopped only redirected toward our children. I remained, and thing's only became worse. At one point, God had me to quit my job and be a full time mom to intervene on their behalf. about a year later, thing's had become so volatile, I snapped. When my husband had asked me to get him a beer, I poisoned it .Holy spirit told him not to drink that beer. He never found out what I had done Praise the Lord. By this time my Pastor suggested for our safety, I take the kids and go. That is just what I did. In In 1999 Went back to work full time, and got a home next door to the kids school. The tyranny continued, and he threatened to take the children if I received any government assistance. So entered in the coworker who supplied me with meth. I was terrified of him getting the children, and I worked 24/7 for months until I crashed and lost my job. By then I was a full blown Meth addict, and manufacturing, and selling. Got busted, he got the kids. I spent 3 months in county jail, and a year unsupervised probation (which itself was nothing compared to what I deserved). However, no matter how hard I worked to pull myself together he abused his power and denied me visitation, repeatedly. I was on and off of the drug's and very suicidal for many years as a result . For me 12 step programs were a joke, I never believed I was a drug addict, as I still knew my identity in Christ. So, many attempts at taking my life had failed, and during this process my mom died. That is when I met Evelyn Diment. Her ministry saved my life. I attended Freedom now, and went to as many Break-thru's as I could. It has been an up hill battle, but I have been off the drug's about 8 years now. God has fully restored my relationship's with my children, and today they have all been saved. In fact just the other day my youngest said to me that it was as if none of it had ever happened. God is Awesome, and I thank him daily for Lively hope. I am a grateful, mother, grandmother, and servant of the Lord.

      Gina Portland, OR




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