Before you tell me what you've been through, tell me what your passion is. One could almost predict what a person has been through based on their passion.

      For me my passion is the invitation.

      The invitation to love and be loved. It's a unique thing because we cannot be the best friend of every person we meet-  God did not breathe that into human DNA. But we can, if we are  purposed to walk with the free rein of an indwelling God, communicate on one or more levels to each person that we really connect with, their unwavering value and acknowledge their  invitation to discover the freedom of knowing their true created purpose.

      There is some basic understanding that if we take our time and look at a few aspects of how we were created, it will afford us  permissions to be our unique self and it will relieve us of contrived and counterfeit expectations that have shaped us into limitations that demand a denial of Who We Are 

      I am no expert, I am not on any level a theologian or a bible scholar. I am just a woman who has been to the edge of the abyss, whose name is despair, and have been pulled back from this place where confusion and torment accompany every day.  I surrendered my need to make sense of the mysteries of God and welcomed the Holy Spirit to fill me and speak to me everyday.

      We  come to the place where we accept that perfection is not in the operating manual.

      No way, no where, no how will we ever be able to ever snap out of the need to lean heavily on God to survive this life. This life that is meant to shape and prepare us for eternity. 

       We were created to be tribal,  human culture is something that develops out of generations of expectations and realities of different peoples, in different climates, different parameters of provision that influence how living things are made and shelter is attained, even how marriages and family operate, how commerce is developed that shape what the social acceptances and taboos are.

      We were created to nurture, to carry life, to grieve the lack of it,  to care for those who need our touch to thrive.  We were created to overcome hardship, to struggle, to create and to achieve. 

      And my darling friends,  we were created to walk in a balance of spirit, heart and mind.  We were all created by our living God who is Father,Son and Holy Spirit. 

      Created in His image, which means he has to look at himself when he looks at us.

       Hebrews 10:14  set me free.

      Love to you this very day, 

      Denise Beard




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